MAK Tool Room is the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of all types of tool room products in Aurangabad - MH - India. We are established since 2011. We are wide manufacturer of Press tool dies, Plastic moulds, jigs, fixtures and relation gauges. Also in manufacturing of all plastics and hardware components. We provide all machines, including SPM, Moulding machines, Jigs, Fixtures made as per Customers Requirement.


MAK Tool Room lays highest emphasis on the quality of our products. We understand that Quick delivery, attentive after sales service & uncompromising quality attitude are the main factors in winning customers. Thus, we ensure that all our products offer high degree of reliability & performance, even under extremely critical conditions. We have never compromised on service and quality.

On-time Delivery

MAK Tool Room offer our customer guaranteed certain fast delivery with speeds and quality products. We know how it is important to provide you a on time product delivery. Your valuable time is also important for us as it s for you. We believe the satisfied customer is the key to get succeed in industry. Thus, We always keep our promise to deliver customer order on time within deadline without any further delay even in fraction of seconds.


" I personally believe that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."

Mr. Abhijeet Masnale (Founder, MAK Group)


Your Satisfication is Our Responsibility


We, MAK Group, strive to make every customer completely satisfied with our products. In many instances, we will build a prototype product at no charge to ensure satisfaction prior to committing to a production run.  In these cases, we will identify customer performance specifications and develop a plan to introduce our products into your tool set in the most economical way. We promise our customer to Reduce maintenance costs, by lowering the effort required by shop technicians to service the tools.